International Affairs Club
Front Range Community College
Boulder County Campus
President: Sarina Pargas-Vega ;
Vice-President: Max Craven ;
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Feinhandler ;
International Affairs Club

IA Club Meeting Schedule Fall 2020:

Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 pm via Zoom

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The Geopolitics of the Coronavirus

The End of Globalization? (Foreign Affairs 2020)

The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order (Foreign Affairs 2020)

Predicted Decline in GDP Growth (1) (Stratfor 2020)

Predicted Decline in GDP Growth (2) (Stratfor 2020)

Grocery Shelves Won't Be Empty For Long (Apr 2020)

Geopolitical Events: April 16, 2020

COVID-19 Deaths: Sweden vs. United States: May 7, 2020

Predictors of Death Rate During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Sep 2020)

Spring 2020

Public Events

Feb 18: Gun Violence in America

Mar 16: History of Disinformation - CANCELLED

Fall 2019


What is an act of war in cyberspace? (2017)

Russia's Cyber Attack on Estonia (2007)

The Future of War is Here (2019)

How the U.S. Can Play Cyber-Offense (2018)

The U.S. Cyber Attack on Iran (2019)

Cyberwarfare in Great Power Conflict - The Economist (2018)

The impact of AI on Cyber Security (2019)

Spring 2019

The Syrian Civil War: an Actor Analysis

Syrian Civil War (Vox Video)

Syrian Civil War: Brief Guide (BBC)

Saudi Arabia and Iran (WSJ Video)

Syrian Civil War: Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Syrian Civil War: Collection of Stories (NPR)

Syrian Civil War: America Lost (FP)

Syrian Civil War: Global Conflict Tracker (CFR)

Fall 2018

Opioid Crisis Poster

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Past Events

Gun Violence in America

Crisis in Kashmir

Captain America

The Syrian Civil War

Black Marble: the Earth at Night From Space

Profiles in Courage: 2018

The Eagle Huntress

Catalan Nationalism

The North Korea Crisis

The Rohingya Crisis in Burma

India & Pakistan

Lying with Statistics

Profiles in Courage: 2017

Political Populism and Religious Apocalypticism

War in Space

Race and Crime - Part 2

Race, Crime, Police

TNT: Burma

US-Iran: the roots of hostility

Profiles in Courage: 2016

TNT: Nepal

Russia and the West

The World at Night

Captain America and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Rise of the Islamic State

Black America in Crisis

International Women

The Resource Curse

Free Speech

Landmines in Angola

Crisis in South Sudan

Trouble in Thailand

The Rise of ISIS

Why Did We Invade Iraq?

Crisis in Ukraine

Profiles in Courage: 2015

The Rise of Political Islam

Social Science Approach to Identity Conflict

Climate Change & the Arab Spring

The Next War? Iran's nuclear program and the US/Israeli response

Sea of Green: the 2009 disputed Iranian election

The Origin Story: the roots of hostility between the US and Iran

News - Kurdish Nationalism

Kurdish Nationalism (Oct 2012)

Kurdish Repression (June 2012)

News - Catalan Nationalism

Catalan Nationalism 1 (Oct 2012)

Catalan Nationalism 2 (Nov 2014)

Catalan Nationalism 3 (Nov 2015)

Catalan Nationalism 4 (Sept 2017)

News - Angola

Angola Stories - The Guardian

Landmines: The Scourge of Angola